As well as Cemas has been casting high quality grey and nodular castings to different sectors as mainly automotive, durable goods and machinery industries; after the new investment with “Machining Shop” in 2007, Cemas has started to supply finished parts for OEM.

Growing up every passing day “Cemas Machining Shop” is capable to machine complicated parts with precise tolerances by means of horizontal CNC machining centers, vertical CNC machining centers, horizontal CNC turning machines, vertical CNC turning machines, multitasking turning centers and with a team specialized on their profession.

High quality finished parts are being achieved due to corporate experiences along 36 years and providing constant improvements in accordance with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 quality system managements.

Machined parts are being cleaned by international standards and according to customer demands. Size of micron particles and mg level cleaning standards are being gained with automatic cleaning and drying machine.

Cemas machining capacity is 6.000 tons/year as of the present day.

Cemas Machining Shop”will be built on 10.000 m2 and consist of 5 establishments after whole plant completed. First establishment which is covered 1.700 m2 was put into use in May 2011.