• May I have a short info about ÇEMAŞ?

    ÇEMAŞ which was established by the Turkish Government in 1976 in order to produce Grinding Media for Cement and Mining factories joined to Isiklar Group in 1995. ÇEMAŞ has ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 and all our processes are being constantly controlled and improved by these standards. ÇEMAŞ also has other certificates such as GL, BV and RINA that are required by marine companies. ÇEMAŞ with its motto ‘’Quality, Our Priority’’ has been serving to automotive, durable goods, machinery, mining and cement companies for 38 years. Our milestones are as follows:

    • 1982 Start of production
    • 1990 New Disa line acquired
    • 1994 Start of production of grey & nodular iron
    • 1995 ISO 9000 acquired
    • 1995 Joined to isiklar group
    • 1995 4 pieces of induction furnaces acquired
    • 2000 HWS line acquired
    • 2002 IATF 16949 acquired
    • 2008 5 CNC machining centers acquired
    • 2008 OCC 50 Auto furnace acquired
    • 2009 Second Disa Line acquired
    • 2010 Stock Market through IPO
    • 2011 2011 New machining building opened
    • 2011 2011 CNCs Increased to 20 Pieces
    • 2012 Investment Start for New Molding Line for %100 Capacity Increase
    • 2012 Entered to İstanbul National Stock Exchange Market
  • Can you give info about ÇEMAŞ’s subsidiaries and affiliates?

    CEMAS is the direct shareholder with %99,9 of Özışık Construction & Energy A.Ş. (Özışık) and with %8,55 Niğbaş Niğde Concrete Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Niğbaş). Özışık is shareholder with %42,49 of Sif İş Makinaları Pazarlama San. ve Tic. A.Ş. which is the importer of heavy construction equipment of JCB in Turkey and with %44,10 of HMF Makina ve Servis Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (HMF Makina) which is the importer of heavy construction equipment of Hyundai in Turkey. HMF Makine is the shareholder with %49 of HMF Asansör ve Servis Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Also %31 of BND Electricity Production A.Ş belongs to Nigbas and %69 of it belongs to Özışık.

  • What is the IPO date and price of ÇEMAŞ?

    <ÇEMAŞ has sold 9.062.169 shares at stock Exchange market on 24.06.2010 with 2,36 TL/Share and 237.831 share on 25.06.2010 with 2,60 TL/Share. That brings the average price to 2,37 TL/Share.

  • What is the paid capital of ÇEMAŞ?

    Paid capital of ÇEMAŞ is 474.000.000 TL

  • Is there any privileged share of ÇEMAŞ?

    No, ÇEMAŞ does not have privileged shares.

  • How can i learn the ÇEMAŞ’s General Assembly Date?

    Ordinary and extraordinary general assembly dates are announced three (3) weeks before the actual date at Public Enlightenment Platform ( and our web page under the tab of Investor Relations.

  • In what periods ÇEMAŞ’s financial reports are disclosed?

    Financial reports are disclosed 4 times a year with 3, 6, 9, 12 months. As we are obliged by law to prepare and disclose our consolidated financial reports, they are disclosed as follows. 3 months and 9 months periods (as they are not subject to official controls) are disclosed 40 days after the end of the period, 6 months and 12 months periods (as they are subject to official controls) 50 days and 70 days respectively after the end of the period.

  • Where can I get the activity reports of ÇEMAŞ?

    You may receive the activity reports at and our own web page

  • Under what market the ÇEMAŞ’s shares are exchanged at stock market?

    Our shares are exchanged under ‘’BIST Metal Main/ BIST Industrial/ BIST Whole/ BIST Whole 100/ BIST National’’ indexes.

  • Where can I trade ÇEMAŞ shares?

    All of our shares are registered at Central Registration Foundation. Trades are done through private companies that are authorized by Capital Market Board