Dividend is equally paid to all of the current stakeholders on the date of distribution of the dividend, without considering dates of acquisition and exclusion. No privileges are applied to the payment of the dividend.

Final Decision of Dividend Payment is decided by the General Board, upon the request of the Board of Management, after finishing the accounting year for each year, in consideration with the medium and long-term strategies of our Corporation, general economical conditions and conditions of the market. 
While deciding a payment of dividend, the balance between the benefits of the stakeholders and benefits of the Corporation is prioritized.

Total of the amount of the dividend which has been decided to be paid, can only be paid so long as it can be paid from the current net payable dividend which is recorded in official records (in the records which are kept in accordance with the Taxation Procedural Law).

If the total amount of the calculated payable period dividend is below the 5% of the issued capital, no dividend payments can be made.

Accordingly, from the amount of the payable period dividend which has been calculated in accordance with the conditions of the regulations to which we are subject, as it is stated in our main contract, 5% of it is paid to the stakeholders as first dividend, at most 5% of the remaining amount is paid to the members of the board of management and to the employees in cash, at least %20 of it is paid to the stakeholders as second dividend, in cash and/or free pay.

Dividend can be paid once or as installments, upon the condition that it has been decided on during the meeting of the general board in which its payment is decided. The date of the payment of the dividend is designated by the general board upon suggestion of the board of management. So much so that, in case the dividend is decided to be paid once, this date cannot be longer than 6 months after the date of the meeting of the general board. In case it has been decided to be paid in installments, the payment of the first installment is made at least 45 days after the date of the meeting of the general board. General board can also grant authorization to board of management in the meeting which the dividend is decided to be paid, concerning the payment date or its installments.

In accordance with the relevant regulations and articles of the main contract, board of management can decide to conduct an advance payment of the dividend. Operations concerning the advance dividend payment, are conducted in accordance with the conditions of the relevant regulations. During the general board meeting concerning the payment of dividend, if the board of management suggest that the dividend should not be paid, reasons for such decision and usage methods of the unpaid dividend are included in the agenda topic concerning the payment of the dividend.