Electricity production started at the Bifacial (Double Surface) Solar Power Plant, which was established on an area of ​​approximately 80 decares in Kırşehir on the factory land of Çemaş Casting Industry A.Ş., a subsidiary of Işıklar Energy and Construction  Holding. The facility, which cost 2 million 868 thousand dollars, is expected to reduce the company's annual energy consumption expenses by 800 thousand dollars.

Çemaş started electricity production in its new Bifacial Solar Power Plant (GES). The acceptance of the 6 MW state-of-the-art SPP facility established by the company on an area of ​​80 decares in Kırşehir adjacent to the foundry was made by the TEDAŞ delegation. The facility, which costs 2 million 868 thousand dollars, will produce the electricity consumed by the casting factory during the daytime with solar panels.

Investments Continue with a Sustainability Approach

Işıklar Energy and Construction  Holding Chairman of the Board Rıza Kutlu Işık stated that the power plant investment will be an important milestone for Çemaş to achieve its sustainability goals.

Stating that they aim to use renewable energy resources effectively in all sectors they serve, Işık emphasized that they adopt an environmentalist approach in production stages and business processes.

Işık said that with the SPP put into service, they will also reduce the high amount of electricity energy costs used in the induction and casting furnaces that are in the melting phase of Çemaş casting activities.

Increases both production and efficiency

In the said SPP, 400 W solar energy panels were used which were produced in the factory of HT-SAEE in Turkey. PV panels with Bifacial Perc technology can increase the efficiency and energy production by 10% compared to Mono Perc panels by converting the reflected sun rays into electrical energy.

Çemaş's Bifacial Solar Power Plant will generate 5900 kWe of electricity. The company is expected to supply 10,504,000 kWh of its annual energy need from the aforementioned SPP. Thus, it is calculated that the annual energy cost will decrease by around 800 thousand dollars.


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